Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tempo run

Today, I decided to do that ever important tempo run, and it was great. I went farther than normal at my race pace, which was the goal. I need to do more of these, and increase as much as I can each week, but am now running out of time...I needed to be doing these several weeks ago, and did not do as many as I had planned.

I was hoping that running at altitude last week would help me....maybe it did....ha! The workout was great.


KcandyP said...

Glad today was better for you! Make sure you take some good rest days. You know I have gone to 3 days of rest. Not sure I will stay with it but it seems to be helping a lot. Of course my knee really needs the extra rest. I know you will do well in Dublin!

Jerry Hollingsworth said...

It probably wouldn't hurt me to take another day knees are ok, but lately, my hip seems really stiff and sore. Not quite sure why.