Wednesday, May 28, 2008

800's on the track

After doing a mile warmup, I did several 800's at race pace. It was an interesting workout. My speed doesn't seem to be improving any, but I did these 800's easily enough. I think I need to do more tempo runs, as they may help my speed issues a little more. Right now, I am doing well just to complete my workouts as they come up. I am a little tired, and I want to run well in the Dr. Pepper 10k, but I am not improving on my speed, and it's been so hot, I have not had good workouts to speak of.

Maybe next year, I will not compete at all during the summer months, and just run early and keep some basic mileage up.


KcandyP said...

Hey Jerry,

Sorry your work out with 800's is not improving your speed. They should be helping, of course you are right, in the heat I read that our pace can be as much as 2 minutes slower than when it's cool. That's a lot! And as for competing in the summer I think I may be right there with you. I actually do well in the 800's or the 100's but to go fast at anything much further is very difficult. I just overheat. I'm sure everything you are doing is increasing your speed, if it were cooler I bet you would see a big change. Just think, if you can do what you are doing now, which is very good, in the fall your speed should just come. Right?

Jerry Hollingsworth said...

I hope you are right...and I think you are. Let's hope, huh? Ha....I have to blame it on something.