Monday, June 2, 2008

Hills, Trails, and the Deer

Today, I woke up early, wanting to get a good run in since I abandoned my long run this past saturday. Mentally, I was not into it on Saturday, and ran a short distance before realizing I just didn't have it. I decided to rest saturday and sunday, and just take it easy, and it was great. I had a great re-bound this morning, and went to the State Park to run hills and trails. That place always lifts my spirits, especially when I see the deer standing in the road as I run by. I did a good 6 mile run in both directions, twice, incorporating the longer hills in each pass, so it was a great workout, and I feel much better.

Good run.


KcandyP said...

Hey Jerry,

I wondered where you went on Saturday! You are smart to let it go instead of force it, obviously rest was what you needed! I still need to go out to the State Park. I should have done that this morning. How early can you get in?

I'm glad your run was good today.


Jerry Hollingsworth said...

the park starts admitting at 8:30, I believe. It is so peaceful out there, and cooler, as well, with all the trees and the open breeze. The hills don't look that bad from the view of the car, but they are deceptive...and long. Perfect for training for races with a few medium sized hills.