Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Terrible afternoon in the wind

Well, I guess I have had too many good workouts in a row, so I was due a bad one. Actually, it wasn't too bad...I did a tempo run today, and I met my speed goal, but the wind was so bad, it took a lot out of me, and I finished a mile short of my mileage goal. However, I made up for it, I think by doing some fartlek at the end of my run, even though I stopped short of my mileage goal.

Sometimes, I get too caught up in mileage. I should just be satisfied that I met my pace goal for my tempo run, but I know I am really hard on myself at times. I pout inwardly when I don't complete my workout goals.

Plus, I have to attend graduation this weekend, and we start our first graduation at 10:00, so I will have to postpone my 15 mile run until sunday morning. I am also a stickler for my usual workout schedule. I have been doing long runs on saturdays every morning for quite a while, and I am becoming obsessive about it, I think.

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KcandyP said...

Obsessive? I think all runners are, you are not alone! Sounds like today was better, I hope so.