Friday, December 18, 2015

Looking to the New Year: 50k's in Texas

Hello Fellow Runners,

Well, the end of the year is coming up.  Time to reflect on the year and make plans for next year.  Questions always arise, such as: did I accomplish all my goals? what are the goals for the next year? As usual, I had some successes along with some failures.  Anyone who has concentrated on running ultras has probably experienced a DNF along the way.  My DNF at the Rocky Raccoon (I broke two toes on the roots along the trail) was my biggest disappointment of the year, but it spurred me to ramp up my training and have a good year of running.  My biggest success was my 100k finish at the Oklahoma City "24-The Hard Way" 24-hour race, despite getting blisters.  My end of the year race will be the upcoming Snowdrop 55-hour race in Sugar Land, Texas.  My goal is to go over 100 miles. I should be close to 2,000 miles for the year, as the race in Sugar Land concludes, and I topped out at 70 miles a week while following Bryon Powell's training program for the 100 mile race.

My new year schedule is heavy on 50K races.  In fact, that is what this blog was supposed to be about, originally.  So, it is my goal to run all the 50k races in the state of Texas this year and review them on this blog.  Later, (probably next year), I will also hit a few 50k's in Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Along the way, I will share training strategies, results, trail reviews, equipment reviews, and race reports, as well as hydration and nutrition information.

Here is the rundown on some of the 50k's I'll be running in the new year:

1. Rocky Raccoon 50K race in Huntsville, Texas, Feb. 13th. 
2. Crazy Desert Trail Race Half Marathon (Warm up for getting back on the trails), March 12th.
3. Brazos Bend 50K race in Needville, Texas April 16th.
4. Whispering Pines 50K, Tyler State Park, in Tyler, Texas; May 14th.
5. Summer Solstice 6-Hour race, Abilene, Texas; June 20th
6. Wild Hare 50k race; Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda, Texas; November 19th

I'm looking forward to a great year of running trails.  Emphasis on training will be on the following:

1. Cross Training: strength training, core training
2. hill running
3. hill repeats
4. one-mile intervals
5. 50-60 miles per week
6. tempo runs/fartleks
7. Back to back long runs
8. more training on trails

So, I hope everybody has a great new year, and that you will set some amazing goals, run some amazing races, and have some amazing training!  See you on the trails!

Jerry W. Hollingsworth