Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Running with the Navajo

Well, this has been an interesting week. I have concentrated on doing more speedwork, even in the heat, and all is well. I did some one-mile intervals the other day, and tomorrow, I am trying something new: 2-mile intervals. I will take a small rest break in between, but will run them at race pace, just like the one-mile intervals. It should be a tough, but good workout. Then, on friday, I plan on doing a ten mile run out at the state park, running the hills and trails in the early afternoon before heading to the Navajo Reservation. Saturday, I will head toward Shiprock, New Mexico and will spend the week out there working with the Navajo, and I will be taking 20 McMurry students with me, so it should be interesting. There are several other runners that will be going with us, so I should have some company to run in Navajo land....I am looking forward to that. It will be my easy week, or cut-back in mileage week, so I won't have to run that many miles, but it will all be at 5,000' and above, with lots of hills and mountains, and desert heat.


KcandyP said...

Sounds like fun! My kids have gone every year with Cooper out to Chinle AZ on the reservation there for a Student Council mission trip. The two years Tanner went he ran in Canyon de Chelly, great pictures and he had an Indian friend who ran with him.

He said it was very spiritual. Of course being from New Mexico I feel a very real sense of spirituality when I home. The kids always tell me I change when I go home...something about the indian spirits :)

Hope you have fun.

Jerry Hollingsworth said...

I, too, feel very spiritual when I am in the mountains or on trails like that. It is such a different experience than what we normally do in training. I hope to run in Canyon de chelly while I am there. We will be staying in Shiprock, but will travel to Arizona, as well as Colorado. I'm looking forward to it. It will be a huge diversion from Africa, which will be on my agenda when I return.