Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Running in the Rain

My monday run was my hills/trails workout day, so instead of going out to ACU, I ran out at the State Park. I like the long hills that are out there, as well as the "lack of crazed motorists" that sometimes like to do us all in. At any rate, the trails are a nice diversion from the roads and Redbud. I go back and forth in one route out there that takes in the roads and trails, and I charged up all the hills, and raced down the hills for striding and speed training.

It was also raining, and I loved the smell of the rain as it dampened the ground, the trees, and the plants. At one point, a deer was standing in the road looking at me, and she was so beautiful.

A great five mile run and a good speed workout.


KcandyP said...

Hey Jerry,

Where do you park when you go out there and what route do you take? I think I would like that. I've run out there and back but not in the park itself.

Sounds great.


Jerry Hollingsworth said...

When you go in the main gate, I proceed to the second road on the right, to the parking area by a restroom and camping area #38, according to the map. It's 1.5 miles from the gate to the place I park. Then, I run from there, down the one way road back out to the main road and back to the main gate and back. Along that route are three pretty good sized hills that are fairly long and will give you a good hill workout. It's on that road where you will see a lot of deer, as well. There is no traffic to speak of. I have never seen any cars driving around when I am there, it's so peaceful. But, you can enter one of the trails from that road, as well, which makes the run very unique.

You can also take the first road to the right after coming through the main gate, where the swimming pool is and run down that road onto the trails, which is also pretty cool.

I just go by the time on my watch and run 45 minutes to an hour, and just take all the roads and trails at my leisure.

I think you would like the peace and quiet.

KcandyP said...

I am going to do this next week thanks for filling me in! See you later.