Friday, June 6, 2008

What a crazy week!

Well, my Internet service has been down since I last posted, so I have not been able to report anything since Monday's trail run at the State Park. However, I have had a good week of running. I have not done as much speed work as I had planned, due to the winds...sometimes, you have to be inventive when living in this part of Texas. So, today, I did short high speed 30 second intervals on the treadmill. It worked out better than I thought it would. I ran a total of 4 miles, and I did 8 of those short intervals, all at top speed, resting for two minutes in between.

The rest of the week was pretty good, despite the wind. I am looking forward to a good 6-8 mile run on saturday morning, though, and hopefully, that will go smoothly, if I can get out of bed on time.

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