Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking a break

Well, for runners to say they are going to take a break from running, that is like saying they are going to stop breathing for awhile. It has taken every ounce of energy I have not to go out and hit the roads and trails. But, I need this break, mentally and physically. I have been lifting weights every other day, and I am sore as I can be. I think I let my strength training lag, and now is a good time to build.

It's time to re-focus my running goals, and schedule my running adventures. I have several new adventures and running experiences planned for this year after my return from Africa:

(1) Palo Duro Canyon Trail run: I am running the Palo Duro trail run in early October. Can't wait for that. I have been wanting to run this event for three years, and it's finally going to happen. I am already signed up and have my hotel room booked.

(2) The MyoMed Ragnar 196-mile relay: I am hoping a team will make for this, as this will be an exciting adventure. I am excited about the possibilities. We need six more runners to make a team, it seems.

(3) The Sunmart 50 Mile: Huntsville, Texas. This will be my flagship race...the one that I shoot for that will underlie all my other running this year. I am already registered, and hotel is booked. This is a lifetime goal and achievement for me.

I may add some other runs to this schedule, but these are the ones I have already penciled in. I am refocusing my energies, my goals, and my training to have a great year.


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