Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preparing for Palo Duro Canyon

This week, I had another great running week. Monday, I did my usual 5 mile run in the morning, and then lifted weights in the afternoon. Tuesday, I did 6 miles in the morning. Wednesday was a rest day, and my first day back to work, so I rested my legs for the thursday, friday, and saturday workouts.

Thursday, I came back with another 5 mile run in the morning, and lifted weights in the afternoon, using supersets, which really work your endurance, as well as your strength. Friday, another 5 miles, and then saturday morning, I ran 11 miles.

Next week, I will incorporate hill training in the afternoon, as I prepare for my first trail run that will be held at Palo Duro Canyon. It's a 20k run through the canyon, and it will be a tough, tough run, but a good training run for the 50 mile race in December. Total miles this week, 32 miles, an increase of 2 miles over last week.

Training is going well, so far, and will start increasing miles gradually, with longer and longer training runs on saturday.

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