Saturday, April 26, 2008

A saturday run in the dark

I wanted to do a nice, easy 13 mile run this morning, but didn't feel like doing the usual routes. So, yesterday, I measured off a new course near my home and was really looking forward to doing something different. I strapped my running belt on, took 8 ounces of gatorade, and 8 ounces of water, clipped them to my running belt and took off at 5:00 this morning.

I started off down Oldham Lane and ran north toward the loop, and on to South 11th street. But, let me tell you, I wouldn't suggest doing it the way I did. It was pitch dark, and there are no street lights until you start getting closer to S. 11th area. There are stretches of road there that are so dark, you can't see your hand in front of your face. At one point, just past that 7-11 store, I saw something large and black go running across the road just in front of me. I am guessing it was a dog on his way home from an all night outing. If it wasn't a dog, I don't want to know what it was!

I came back the same way and then turned East down Industrial boulevard and ran out toward the airport, but by then, the sun was starting to come up. I saw a ton of rabbits as they skitted out in front of me, a crane that came flying up over the creek down by the golf course, and a couple of armadillos that took their time crossing the road.

At one point, I came around the airport and saw an ambulance racing down one of the runways, and then a firetruck. I was hoping that there was not a plane that was going to crash land somewhere out there.

I finally made my turn and came back down Industrial, back to my quiet little street, glad that I had done my run, and I was filled with that little satisfied feeling we all get when we complete what we set out to do.

I got inside the house, made a stack of pancakes and gave into the wagging tails of my dogs, (yes, I gave them a pancake, too!), and sank into my chair, happy to be a runner!



KcandyP said...

Hi Jerry,

Sounds like a great run. I too have done those runs in the dark! I think for the El Schorcho I am going to get a hat with a headlamp and then maybe I'll do your route to practice using my light!

Sounds like you had a great run. It was a pretty day.


Jerry Hollingsworth said...

Let me know where you find the headlamp...I may need one for my 50- mile run in December. I wish I could do El Scorcho...but I will be gone to Africa by then.