Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going with the Ultra

After much review and introspection, I have decided to keep training for ultras. I am definitely going to run the Sunmart 50 mile race in Huntsville, Texas in December. My plan is to mix ultras, trails, and road races. After all, this is 2008 and, as runners, we can have it all these days.

Right now, the plan is to race ultras in the winter, trails in the spring, and 10k's and half-marathons in the spring and summer. The 10k's will allow me to keep up my speed, as well, and I will be able to mix a variety of training elements into my schedule...extra long runs in the winter for endurance, and speedwork in the spring.

So, right now, I am definitely training for the Dublin 10k. I like that race, although it is always hot there, and I had a horrible time there last year. I didn't prepare very well, and plan to make up for that this year!

This year, I am training in the heat of the day to prepare for the hot conditions there; I'm doing more speed training, mixed with longer runs on saturdays, and incorporating more hills into my workouts.



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KcandyP said...

You know I've run Dublin a number of times, did it well once. Not too bad last year, but it's a killer no matter how I train!

Training in the heat and humidity should help. We are moving to Stephenville (although plan to live in Granbury) so I should get used to the heat and humidity. In 09 at Dublin I should be in pretty good condition!

You will do well I have no doubt.