Monday, April 20, 2009

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Well, it's been a while since I last wrote anything, and things have been going pretty well. My running is definitely such a big part of my life, now, with Ultra marathons becoming central to it all. Since my last blog, I attempted a 50 mile race, but missed the cutoff at 8:40 of running. I missed the cutoff by 10 lousy minutes. My feet were like hamburger, though, and since then, I have made some drastic improvements that I feel will help my long distance running. First, I finally got some trail shoes, along with some gaiters. At Sunmart, my feet were like hamburger, because of the dirt and the rocks that ended up in my shoes and even in my socks. I think that will help a great deal. I know the trail shoes have helped with my propensity to fall, as well, and that is a big deal.

Since my last posting, I have run several races for fun, like the San Angelo series trail run. But my favorite trail race has been the Prickly Pear 50k, which I ran in March. That was a blast, despite the heat and the humidity, and the dry conditions of the course, itself. I ran it in 7 hours, which is not that fast, but it was a great run and I enjoyed the company of others, the trails, and the weekend.

I am preparing now for El Scorcho 50k, which will be held in July 17th, at midnight. I am putting in some good hill training, tempo runs, and longer runs, which I am hoping will keep me at least competitive. Looking forward to that race, as well as others I have scheduled. So far, my schedule is as follows:

El Scorcho 50k in July
Louisiana Trails 50k in September
Rocky Racoon 50 mile race in February.

Looking foward to the training and the races!

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Emmett said...

I think the disappointment of not finishing an ultra just reconfirms your resolve to make it through all other races.

Just before Sunmart in 2007, I DNFed at the Mt. Disappointment 50M. It was very frustrating.

Since then, I have not DNFed. There have even been a couple of events where I was close to missing cutoffs and I kept making them by just a few minutes, while also saying to myself... "You know what? It's OK if I don't finish."

Here's to Rockin' at Rocky Raccoon!